The architectural office was founded in 1998 by Joachim Kranendonck und Klaus Kampmann in Aachen. A second branch developed in Wiesbaden in the year 2000. The team currently consists of approximately 40 employees.

The scope of duties includes the whole range of architecture with a focus on office and industrial buildings and high-quality interior design.

The office has specified its duties in order to develop design drafts with sophisticated architectural soloutions. The coporate identity of the client, the optimasation of production-/ and administration processes as well as the improvement of work enviroments based on creative, ecological and economical reflections are the main important aspects.

The basic principle for the success is based on the interdisciplinary collaboration with different experts and the clients as well as the constant search of new, contemporary concepts and materials in consideration of intelligent energy-conceps.

Since 2013 Architects | K2 is working together with the Korean landscape architecture office MANO, which mainly is involved in city and park design as well as in the associated mixed utilization. The office is one of the most successful and best known in the landscape architecture scene and has worked together with big business companies such as Samsung or Hyundai. International companies such as the U.S. SWA Group count to their references too.