Reinraum- und Laborplanung

Cleanroom- and Laboratory Planning

Meanwhile we are able to illustrate a successful designing, planning and realization of cleanroom and laboratory projects with many years of experiences. In close cooperation with our clients we are realizing a high standard of GMP guideline and consign our projects with high quality control, timely and cost accuracy. Our service includes apart from the classic achievements based on the German HAOAI regulation of the building scope many individual and specific laboratory and pharma issues:

  • Feasibility studies at the beginning of a project for preparing a variety of options to decide the optimum for the client
  • Contribute and support the creation of risk analysis, performance specification and validation master plan
  • Contribute with the creation of hygienic concept including layout of purity classes and pressure stages concept
  • Material and personal flow
  • Logistic concept
  • Cleaning concept
  • Package of measures, plan layout, room schedule
  • Reconstruction concept during the current operation including construction schedules in close communication and coordination with the client the operation process and the production field
  • Contribute and support with the qualification during all building phases and creation of new operation processing according the background of the reconstruction concept
  • Collateral project cost management including the support of the cash flow planning

We set our tasks under consideration of all applicable current standard, regulations and legal guidelines as well as the DIN templates in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Solid material production Inclusive initial weight
  • Liquid material
  • Steril material
  • Material packaging
  • Laboratory with the sector S1-S4, radionuclide laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory including laboratory furnishing and support in removal the equipment