Babor opens futuristic building “The Curve”

The result is a futuristic building with lots of glass and white elements surrounding the building. Babor had commissioned Architekten K2 GmbH to make maximum use of the area between Neuenhofstraße and Gut Weide. “The Curve” now connects the old administrative wing with the production and logistics halls and is not only smart but also sustainable. The heating system is operated geothermally. For this purpose, 36 pipelines reach geothermal energy up to 100 meters below the building. By using the environmental energy (heat pump with geothermal probes) and the use of the combined heat and thermal power station, the primary energy consumption (including lighting and cooling) is reduced from 1,035 MWh/a (EnEV) to 496 MWh/a. The building consumes more than 50% less energy than required by law.