„Waidblicke“-a vision according to city-land-scape

As part of the exhibition „Waidblicke“ in the SMOWK showroom which is located at the Waidmarkt in Cologne Architects K2 presented among other prestigious architectural offices “barb [el]” as a forward-looking statement about “city-land-scape”

barb [el] -City and Countryside – forms of coexistence and togetherness – Dynamics

Despite different claims of living there is a side by side of various existences which are interwoven, inspire each other, penetrate and again create new perspectives.

Urbanity and open space merge into one living space, develop and change each other, give light and darkness, appear facile or compact, give warmth and cold, grow or perish. There are parallel new insights and perspectives.  © Fotos Tim Botzkowski