Redecoration Hotel Mondial Colone

As part of a refurbishment, the 5 Star Hotel Mondial at the Dom Cologne should be upgraded and renovated in several stages. The first reconstruction phase of the whole renovation included a combination of eight rooms merge into four suites, which provided a completely new design. While three of the suites have been refreshed in line with the existing color concept the fourth suite got the potential with the panoramic view to the cathedral and was designed in a unique style. A modern bathroom concept with glass shower is surprising. The self-designed residential installation element combined with sitting area and working space fulfills the exclusive space concept.

The modernization of the Deluxe Single Rooms and the design of the new carpet of the guest corridor have been disposed at the existing color and material concept because of the idea to imply a high recognition value.

A new carpet design for the standard rooms and a new concept of space throughout the ground floor of the hotel were performed during the second renovation phase. Here for, the design of the carpet as a model for all areas was special made to cope with the different space requirements.

The concept for new decorations in the conference room and the guest corridor interprets the classic style in a very fresh and modern way.

© Fotos: Tim Botzkowski