11-06-2019: Participation in Heinze ArchitektenAWARD `19

We want to be a audience winner! Vote for us! The Heinze ArchitectsAWARD has firmly established in the architectural sector. As part of the current competition, architects have the chance to take part in the Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2019 with their most beautiful non-residential buildings. Last but not least, visitors to heinze.de can vote online for their favourites and thus select the audience winners. Vote for us: heinze.de

14-05-2019: New administrative building on the campus of SARSTEDT Group

The company Sarstedt AG & Co KG decided in 2015 to expand its company location in Nümbrecht. From different designs, the decision for the new building of the administration building fell on the variant ‘Welcome’. The structure of the circular central building opens like two wings into the landscape. As a result, the front area appears generous and creates a spacious view to the campus. The innovative modern design of the new administration with its multifunctionality creates perfect frame- and working conditions for the employees of the company.

26-04-2019: Laying of the foundation stone – SARSTEDT AG & Co. KG

With an innovative modern design made by Architekten K2 GmbH, the new future-oriented administration building of the SARSTEDT Group in Nümbrecht-Rommelsdorf presents itself. The 25 million euro project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2021 for the company’s 60th anniversary, is an investment in the further development of the company.
The building will be equally characterised by open space and a modern working environment. The new company restaurant with outdoor terrace to the own pond, a multimedia exhibition area, but also individual retreats are only some of the offers that are currently being developed on the company premises.

26-03-2019: Babor opens futuristic building “The Curve”

The result is a futuristic building with lots of glass and white elements surrounding the building. Babor had commissioned Architekten K2 GmbH to make maximum use of the area between Neuenhofstraße and Gut Weide. “The Curve” now connects the old administrative wing with the production and logistics halls and is not only smart but also sustainable. The heating system is operated geothermally. For this purpose, 36 pipelines reach geothermal energy up to 100 meters below the building. By using the environmental energy (heat pump with geothermal probes) and the use of the combined heat and thermal power station, the primary energy consumption (including lighting and cooling) is reduced from 1,035 MWh/a (EnEV) to 496 MWh/a. The building consumes more than 50% less energy than required by law.

13-03-2019: Specializing in innovative construction …

Specializing in innovative construction …

25-10-2018: Babor – Milestone “The Curve”

Babor – Milestone “The Curve” is almost finished and rises imposingly in the Neuenhofstraße in Aachen. Read more: Aachener Nachrichten

14-03-2018: Industry Report Architekten K2 – Architectur 4.0

Fresh off the press in Cologne-Bonn-Aachen Manger: Architekten K2 GmbH

Architecture 4.0: Offices with distant views, Planning with visisons
The border between planning, good architectural impression and consulting are fluid… Read more: Branchenreport

12-01-2018: The largest architectural firms – K2 in the ranking

RANKING – The largest architecture firms
We are ranked 8th among the largest architecture firms identified by COLOGNE / BONN / AACHEN MANAGER in a corresponding industry comparison.

Read More: Regionalmanager

10-01-2018: Restructuring CAE Elektronik GmbH

The company CAE Elektronik GmbH in Stolberg commissioned us to design and construct a modern restructuring of their office space, as well as to carry out necessary renovation measures on the building. For the design of the premises of CAE Elektronik GmbH, we developed an interior design concept that provides a harmonious color scheme as well as modern and high-quality furniture.

© Fotos: Tim Botzkowski

20-12-2017: Heinze Hospitality Summit in Baku

Now hot off the press in #dearmagazine – K2 at the Heinze Hospitality Summit in Baku #architektenk2

01-12-2017: The CURVE Aachen

The design continues!
We design the Babor Interior Desin for the new building “CURVE” and take care of the update of the Babor Museum.

22-05-2017: Laying of the foundation stone – Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

Architects K2 at the laying of the foundation stone – Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG
Last Friday the official laying of the foundation stone for the new building “The Curve” designed by us took place on the premises of Babor. The solemn ceremony was celebrated by the partners Isabell Bonacker and Martin Grablowitz, who walled in a capsule with contemporary testimonies in the symbolic foundation stone. We are looking forward to the implementation of the project after the successful starting signal given by Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp, the entrepreneur family and all other parties involved in the implementation.

12-05-2017: Construction of new administration building Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

The company Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG is further expanding its company location in Aachen. For the expansion of the administrative areas, an efficient solution was sought to upgrade the already densely populated company premises with a new administration building. For this reason, we have developed a structure called “The Curve”, a 6-storey glass sculpture that completes the site at the eastern border. The façade is designed with circumferential and horizontally swinging façade bands, which lend the object a dancing lightness in addition to its feminine appearance. The existing administration is connected by a transparent skywalk.

14-02-2017: Sophisticated and luxurious: Lufthansa Lounge in Boston

At the end of February a luxurious Lufthansa Lounge is opening at Boston Logan International Airport – settled at a new terminal building. Passengers are looking forward to a sophisticated atmosphere including evergreens of Vitra design, more space, boarding immediately from the lounge area as well as further comforts for ultimate luxury.
In accordance with the furniture manufacturer Vitra an innovative plan of seating, including a variety of design classics at the bistro area, has been evolved. By applying further furniture by Vitra the highlight zone “living room” is created. The separate areas of the lounge are emphasized and complemented with ambience by a novel lighting plan.

Source: Lufthansa “exclusive” Magazin, Publication February 2017
Translation by K2

03-12-2015: Vitra photo contest

And the winner is: During the event organized by Mathes the winners of the photo contest “GIVE EVERYTHING WITH PHYSIX” have been awarded. The Team Architects | K2 is pleased with an excellent 3rd place and congratulates all participants and winners!


As part of a photo contest according to the motto “GIVE EVERYTHING WITH PHYSIX” we have been invited by Vitra and Mathes to draw attention to the new chair by Alberto Meda. We work flat out for our photo shoot…

30-06-2015: Hotel Mondial – Dom Cologne

As part of a renovation, the 5 star hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne has been upgraded and renovated. Eight rooms have been rebuilt into four suites – a completely new design was created. In one of the suites, the panoramic view to the “Kölner Dom” cathedral is the highlight. A modern bathroom with a glass shower and living room elements with a corner booth designed by K2 as well as an integrated workspace complete the exclusive room concept. A new carpet design for the standard rooms as well as a new room concept throughout the main floor including the restaurant, corridors and conference area were implemented during the second renovation phase. The design of the carpet is custom made designed to meet the various space requirements.

05-11-2014: „Waidblicke“-a vision according to City-Land-scape

As part of the exhibition „Waidblicke“ in the SMOWK showroom which is located at the Waidmarkt in Cologne Architects K2 presented among other prestigious architectural offices “barb [el]” as a forward-looking statement about “City-Land-scape”

barb [el] -City and Countryside – forms of coexistence and togetherness – Dynamics

08-10-2014: Opening of the Lufthansa lounge at London Heathrow Airport

The 1st of October 2014 was an historic day for Lufthansa and Austrian Service Operation at the London Heathrow Airport. After intensive preparations the opening of the new Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge has taken place in Terminal 2. It was a very successful start for all project participants.

07-10-2014: Exhibition: City-Land-scape dated 09.10- 31.10.2014

K2 participates in the exhibition “Waidblicke” at SHOW K Showroom – a collage of interpretations famous architectural offices on City-Land-scape. All participants can present their visions for three weeks.

>Link zur Waidblicke